Monday, September 20, 2004

saying goodbye...

I've started saying goodbye to Seattle. I'm super sad. On Friday, a bunch of my friends came to hang out at the W hotel downtown. It's got a bar that's niether loud nor smokey so it was a great place to chat with everyone.

Some of my buddies chipped in and got me an ipod which kicks butt. Except that now I feel like I'm in complete yuppiedom. But it really is awesome. I downloaded all of my indian classical music on it this weekend using Apple's lossless encoding. So I'm already 10 Gigs into the 40 Gig storage.

I made kheer this weekend for all the people who had called me over to say bye. My indian classical music group threw me an awesome get together. Jyoti organized a potluck which Shamneez hosted. There was dahi vada, shev-batata-dahi-puri, samosa, alu vadi, and of course kheer.

They gave me an amazing gift which was all Jyoti's idea. It's called The Raga Guide. I promptly downloaded all of the sound samples onto my ipod. :)

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