Monday, June 16, 2008


I was at home depot this weekend helping my friend pick up some shelving for his condo. While I love visiting home depot, I'd never visited it from the point of view of a home-owner - just a renter.

I started looking through the various sections trying to figure out how I would choose a particular lighting fixture, bathroom tiles, or kitchen cabinets.

And then I saw the toilet aisle. There were on the order of 20 toilets. Ranging from >$350 to <$50. Which one would I choose? They were mounted way above my head - so it's not like they expected you to choose on the basis of comfort. They were pretty much all some variation of white. So color was not the differentiator. Some of the shapes were somewhat different - but did that justify a 7x price jump? The GPF (Gallons Per Flush) was listed for each toilet. But I'm guessing that changing that doesn't really affect the price a lot. Then it hit me - maybe the more expensive ones had those cool warm-water-and-air systems built in for that extra-clean feeling. Nope. At this point, my investigation was cut short.

I think this one deserves a return trip at some point. If you know what differentiates toilets, save me a trip and leave a comment.


Update: Added some links.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

On Verbosity

I wouldn't consider myself a super talkative person. Which is not to say that I'm a quiet recluse - just that I don't chatter a lot. That's my opinion of myself. Yours may differ greatly. :)

My wife thinks I'm extremely verbose. But she's a journalist, so I suppose she'd better be damn good at being concise.

I try really hard to edit my emails before sending them out. Usually I do at least 3-4 edits of even simple emails. All credit for that goes to Chad Hermann's business communications class at CMU. (Ironically I had to stop following his blog because I just found it incredibly verbose and time consuming).

Anyways, here's the nut graf. Using twitter I've noticed that I'm often forced to write and rewrite a single 140 char post. It's caused an increase in my signal-to-noise ratio.

But not everything needs to be distilled down to 140 characters. I imagine there are some of you who actually like for me to ramble here every now and then.