Wednesday, June 04, 2008

On Verbosity

I wouldn't consider myself a super talkative person. Which is not to say that I'm a quiet recluse - just that I don't chatter a lot. That's my opinion of myself. Yours may differ greatly. :)

My wife thinks I'm extremely verbose. But she's a journalist, so I suppose she'd better be damn good at being concise.

I try really hard to edit my emails before sending them out. Usually I do at least 3-4 edits of even simple emails. All credit for that goes to Chad Hermann's business communications class at CMU. (Ironically I had to stop following his blog because I just found it incredibly verbose and time consuming).

Anyways, here's the nut graf. Using twitter I've noticed that I'm often forced to write and rewrite a single 140 char post. It's caused an increase in my signal-to-noise ratio.

But not everything needs to be distilled down to 140 characters. I imagine there are some of you who actually like for me to ramble here every now and then.

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