Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Distributed Systems Engineering

So as I've mentioned tangentially before, I work on building large scale distributed systems at amazon.com.

These are systems that power not only all of our retails websites (.com plus the various international sites), but also our affiliate sites (like target.com) and all of the cool webservices (like the Simple Storage Service, Mechanical Turk, and ECS).

Now you can finally learn more about what we do by checking out the Distributed Systems Engineering site. This is a pseudo-official site that we wanted to put up to let people know what we work on. If you have comments about the site, feel free to post them here.


swaminathan said...

Thatz a nice site put up by amazon. Do you have the DSE team at Bangalore?

hemantbhanoo said...

swaminathan; although the DSE team does not have a presence in Bangalore, the Bangalore team (where I used to work until a few months ago) is working on solving some extremely hard distributed systems problems that we haven't really gotten to quite yet.

In fact, knowledge of (or ability to pick up) distributed systems concepts is important on almost any team within Amazon. Most of the software we write is deployed as a 'service'. Service owners usually get a fleet of boxes where their software can run, but that fleet is dynamic (e.g. boxes can be pulled from you and replaced). Add in the complexity of multiple data centers, and things start to get hairy fast.

So to answer your question in a circuituous way - although the DSE team doesn't exist in Bangalore, I know for a fact that there is no dirth of d.s. problems to be solved in the particular set of services being developed out of bangalore.

Louis said...

Hi Hemant!

Thanks for your message on my blog, of course I remember you, and the good pizzas we had in Palolem!
Well, life is going on in Bangalore, even if I am in France now for 2 weeks; it would be nice to go out if you want; you can mail me through my blog, no problem;