Monday, July 02, 2007

music for the soul

At most points in my life, I've listened to, sang, played, and loved music that 'spoke' to me. I think most people know what I'm talking about.

Sadly, there have been some points (more so recently) when I just haven't been able to find music that speaks to me. Much of my music collection just doesn't do it for me anymore. Even classic evergreens like U2 and Bob Dylan - which usually always have something to say to me - just fall on my ears but don't penetrate any deeper.

Those who know my general music taste; feel free to recommend me some new music.


Mohit said...

I don't have anything to recommend, but I've been feeling the same way for at least the last year.

kush said...

here are a couple of good old ones and new ones (at least to me) that i've recently enjoyed:

patti griffin. the song "rain" is great and there are a lot of good songs on "living with ghosts". i like "mad mission" off that album.

elbow. a UK band. i *really* like their song "station approach" but they may have a couple other good ones.

hem. their album "rabbit songs" is slow, sometimes sad, but phenomenal. i love her voice and the instruments.

pieta brown. i love her album "pieta brown". folksy, country and made with passion. her song "lullaby" was the first i ever heard of her and i fell in love instantly.

greg brown. pieta's father and much more famous. he is very country/rock/folk, but i think you might like him. he has good lyrics.

gillian welch. great lyrics. slow tempo. country, folk.

mos def. yeah, i don't think he is your type of music, but something in me *loves* his songs "sunshine" and "speed law". i think it is the flow.

outkast. also a group i never really listened to, but i've grown to like "rosa parks" and "mighty-o". good flow.

ani. her new album is really good in my opinion, but many old ani fans don't like it b/c it i too different from her other stuff.

dixie chicks. their new album is good. even people who used to make fun of me for liking them have bought it. :)

kexp/pandora. two great ways to find good music when you're in a rut.

Thanos said...

I packed all my CDs in a box for my move to Greece last year.
I still haven't opened the box for many reasons, and two things have happened:

(a) I am really missing some of those favorite songs/bands, and

(b) I have listened to quite a bit of radio instead, which introduced me to new bands (the names of which I cannot seem to remember, though...).

So, my suggestion is, re-start your relationship with music. Sometimes you are looking for that ephemeral hit, while others call for your old favorite "Blood on the tracks". Right? :)

Guido Bartolucci said...

I don't know your taste, but for me, this last year has an eye opener for new music. While you were in Seattle I told you about Neko Case's Fox Confessor Brings the Flood and Blacklisted. Right now I'm listening to Camera Obscura's Let's Get Out of This Country just about every day. It just does something for me, but I don't know what.

One thing that I found was that the real beauty of music didn't affect me if I was listening to it while doing something, like working or driving. I suggest listening to it on a Saturday or Sunday morning, right after you've just barely woken up. Put on some good headphones and lay in bed. Actually listen to the music.

Guido Bartolucci said...

Oh yeah, I also suggest subscribing to KEXP's podcasts. The Song of the Day podcast got me into Neko Case. KEXP's Live In Studio podcast got me into Camera Obscura. Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention Alela Diane's The Pirate's Gospel which I first heard on KEXP's Music that Matters podcast.

Nathan Buggia said...

So I don't really know a lot about music, but the most interesting new musician I've been introduced to recently is Regina Spekor. I also really like the yahoo unlimited music, because pretty much anything I've been recommended I can check out with out having to buy anything.

Vishal said...

Ray LaMontagne is my latest favorite