Wednesday, August 29, 2007 private beta

So we just officially launched a private beta of reporterist to 60 professional journalists.
We just launched a very, very small subset of our functionality - just to get some initial feedback from our users.

I'm super excited (and nervous).

You can follow the reporterist blog for more updates.

In other, more personal, news; we found an nice apartment in Berkeley (not the easiest of things to do) and have begun to settle in. Our neighbours are awesome - three of the wife's classmates actually stay next door.

That's all for now.


Huat Chye Lim said...

Congrats Hemant!

Guido Bartolucci said...

Wow Hemant, congratulations. I know you've been working very hard.

Anonymous said...

That's excellent!! Welcome back to the bay area!

Thanos said...

All the best!!!

Pooja said...

congrats hemant! and all the best for public release ..