Tuesday, September 09, 2008

startup in bangalore = startup in san francisco.

This past week I noticed some similarities between when we were bootstrapping the amazon.com office in bangalore, india; and bootstrapping jambool in san francisco, ca.

- It was very hot in India. It was very hot in San Francisco (before you berate me, realize that our current space is on the top floor with huge bay windows, and not airconditioned). Hot enough that we walked across the street to Vikas' place where he made Thandai to help keep us cool.
- The network was flaky in India. The network is super flaky here. We often pick a coffeeshop to go work from, instead of working from here.
- We worked on payments in India (amazon fps). You got it - I'm working on payments here.
- I reported to Vikas in India. I report to Vikas here.

and the reason for today's post:

- There was often a shortage of chairs in our India office, so if you came in early, you grabbed someone else's chair. This morning I got in to find my chair missing, and had to pull a chair from one of the neighboring company's desks (we work at Pier 38 in a space subleased from Social Media)

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