Saturday, July 17, 2010

Saturday in Singapore

We got in to Singapore on Friday afternoon, surprisingly un-jetlagged.

The room is quite fantastic (will post pictures later) - good thing we aren't paying for it.

On Friday night we met up with Aditya and his wife in Clarke Quay, and had a beer at the Crazy Elephant. Then headed to a tiny hawker-restaurant-type-place near his house and ate chilli-crab, some chicken dish, etc. I know I'm allergic to crab, but had to eat it it anyway. Don't ask why I was under the impression that I wouldn't be allergic to Singaporean crab. So yeah - I had a mild allergic reaction on the way to bed.

This morning I got up and went for a run around the Botanical Gardens, in the pouring rain. Part of the mission was to search for Mr. Prata - a 24 hour Roti Prata place. The other part of the mission was to get rid of the pounding headache, and digest enough so that I could eat more. It was cool - I saw the little pond where I used to feed the swans with my mom growing up.

We worked out at the gym, showered, and then headed out in search of food. After some hunger-induced-panic, we finally found a food court (basement of Lucky Plaza) and ate Kaya Toast and Mee Siam.

We took the MRT to Harbour Front, and met up with Reuben - a.k.a. Jambool Intern version 1.0. He took us to The Cheese Prata Shop - near NUS - to eat Roti Prata (mmm).

Came back, did a complimentary wine tasting at the hotel, and then took a nap, tired from all the walking. Went out for a late-night snack at a Chinese vegetarian restaurant on Orchard Road.

  • there are way too many malls in Singapore
  • so many road names are giving me flash-backs to my childhood. Even some of the geography is coming back to me (within the 1-mile-radius that I knew as a child)
  • it's pretty dang humid here
  • for a place with not much to actually see, they've done a great job marketing it as a tourist destination
  • there are way too many malls in Singapore
Tomorrow I will take S to the street where I grew up.

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