Thursday, February 08, 2007

dvorak, anyone?

this is probably an incredibly stupid idea, but i'm thinking of trying to use a dvorak keyboard layout. has anyone tried that? anyone using one right now?


Anonymous said...

I use dvorak. It took a week or two of default dvorak usage for me to get comfortable with it. I no longer resolve to qwerty.. unless it is a friend's computer.

For practice, I recommend

hemantbhanoo said...

nearfar - I spent some time today playing with a Kinesis keyboard; and figured I'd also try switching to dvorak.
a) I got a ridiculous headache from trying
b) I found that using emacs with dvorak was just way to difficult because many of the keystrokes are muscle memory at this point.

Do you think it's really worth the switch?

Anonymous said...

I can see you are now in college mode ;)
- amogh