Monday, February 05, 2007

Stepping over the edge.

After five years (well, technically about four years, eleven months, and change), I'm leaving It's been a pretty awesome time, and I've learnt a lot from some really smart and passionate people.

But sometimes, it's just time to move on. In my case, I'm stepping off the cliff of getting a paycheck to living on my savings and attempting to create something meaningful and with monetary value. I'm starting a company.

It's scary thinking about it.

Stay tuned here for more info, if you so desire.


Update: I suppose, technically, the title should read stepped over the edge. I can feel the wind rushing by.


audrey said...

DOOD. really? wow. congrats!!! i wanna hear all about this new startup of yours! so curious...

Bal Krishn Birla said...

Cool. Great to hear that you are chasing your dreams. Certainly would love to know what you are upto. I am also chasing few of my dreams at and