Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Last Friday, we drove part of the Pacific Coast Highway, on our way back from Irvine, CA.

After leaving Irvine around 10am, We stopped in Santa Barbara for lunch at La Super Rica. The weather there reminded us of Goa, and I was just walking around with a permanent smile stuck on my face.

After lunch, we were debating whether or not to take the PCH since it was already past 2pm. Thankfully we did, and were rewarded with breathtaking views of the ocean, cliffs, and sunset.

I was trying to coordinate a beer-taco-sunset spot along the highway, but we didn't find any taco joints at the right time, so we had to settle for a romantic sunset, and then dinner at a slightly upscale place in Big Sur.

The last stop en route to Oakland was at Monterey to visit Nate, who's at Naval Postgraduate School. It was long since dark, so this was more of a 'drop in and say hello' rather than a sightseeing stop.

Exhausted, we arrived home at 11pm, after a week long trip (mostly work, but a bit of fun too) to L.A.

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