Sunday, December 23, 2007

getting the memo

Last night, we went to a friend's wedding reception. About 30 minutes before when we had to leave, I started rummaging around looking for a suit, tie, and nice shirt - all those pieces of clothing that rarely get used. I tried to get some advice on tie/shirt matching over IM from a friend. Finally, frustrated, I decided that I was just going to wear a Kurta instead. I have some Kurtas from the various ceremonies surrounding our wedding - and they never see the light of day anyway. I picked a nice white one with a bit of embroidery on it.

We showed up at the hotel and proceeded to grab a drink and appetizers. I didn't see anyone else wearing a kurta. About 45 minutes into the event, I was pretty distraught; whereas the women were decked out in their finest Indian clothes, I stood alone, in bright white, in a sea of black suits.

It's as if everyone else there got the memo, but they forgot to cc me.

You'd think more people would wear Indian clothes at an Indian wedding, huh? But maybe evening events call for a suit.

So what does one do in a situation like that? I did what any self respecting male does. I downed my wine, took a few gulps of scotch, and used all that liquid confidence to pretend like *they* hadn't received the memo.

I'm penning this for posterity, lest all the liquid confidence makes me forget to wear a suit next time.

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