Thursday, November 04, 2004


I found an apartment yesterday. It's through a family friend of ours so I don't have to worry about getting screwed over on the rent or anything. In addition, it's fully furnished so I pretty much just have to walk in with my bags.

It'll be a relief to move into a permenant place. I still haven't got my own transportation. I hate taking autos...I'm always wondering if I'm getting screwed or not. Paranoia.

Incidentally if you're in Bangalore, I highly recommend picking up a copy of the Eicher Map of the city. It's awesome and has really helped me get to know the place.

Now all we need is a craigslist and a citysearch for bangalore.

I went to an amazing place for dinner on Vittal Maliya (sp?) Road today. It's a small multi-cuisine place in what used to be a house. I forget the name of the place. I'll find out and post back here.

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