Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Finally mobile

I finally got my car last night.
It's blazing red. I can listen to my ipod in it. I don't have to inhale 30 minutes worth of road fumes while getting to work. Unfortunately, I'm contributing to those fumes. :( Hey I gave the buses a chance (probably not a completely fair chance).

Anyone want to suggest a great web hosting service where I can move this blog (I want to start using movabletype) and host photos as well?

Incidentally, if you aren't using a news aggregator to read this, you need to. Check out bloglines.


audrey said...

This is new and something that might be worth trying. MSN finally rolled out their own version of weblogging with MSN Spaces: In it, you get 10MB of hosting space for photos. Note: it's still in Beta as it literally just launched TODAY.

Krishnan said...

traitor! what would baby blue think? Baby red just does not roll of the tounge as easily...