Sunday, May 22, 2005

Government in business.

India has a socialist legacy. Post independence, we walked the 'middle path' (moderate socialism, or something) for many years. We had privately owned businesses but they were heavily regulated. The government enjoyed monoploy in many core industries.

Today, there are still many examples of government owned businesses; 'state emporiums' (handicrafts, etc. characteristics of each state), aircraft manufacturers, coffee shops... the list is long and varied.

It always surprises visiting Americans to hear of this.

Well I just read that the United States Army makes first-person shooter games. To quote from the article:

    “The technology is what we use for actual training,” says Major Chris Chambers, who directed the E3 presentation for the Army. “We brought it to E3 because it’s also really cool.”
    < snip >
    But Chambers says he is at the expo for the same reason as the other exhibitors: to showcase the game.
    “We intend to be a major player in this industry for a long time,” he says. (emphasis mine)

Now that is messed up.

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