Thursday, May 12, 2005


A friend of mine has been giving me headaches by constantly talking about podcasting and how cool it is. So last night I finally decided to see what the buzz is about and downloaded a podcast client for the mac.

I tried the free 'Lite' version first. The full version has a 30 day trial, but I haven't tried it yet. The Lite version allows you to specify feeds, and download them to a local folder. For any audio files downloaded, you can automatically drop them into iTunes and delete them from the download folder.

This morning, I have two news feeds (one from KOMO news in Seattle and one from Northwest Public Radio), and a jazz feed (don't have the link with me right now) on my iPod.

It was pretty cool to listen to random news on the way to work (instead of the Hindi-Pop and talk shows that are usually on the radio here). Will post more experiences shortly.

Given that the aforementioned friend still hasn't actually downloaded a podcast client, maybe I can talk his head off about podcasting instead.

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