Thursday, June 09, 2005

cliched conversations

As a foreigner in the US, I was always struck by the very predictable 'conversations' that people had:
- so how was your labor day?
- what're you doing this weekend?
- how was the weekend?
- got plans for july 4th?
- going anywhere for memorial day?

I put the word conversations in quotes because it seemed a lot of times that people weren't even interested in the answers, they were just asked because of a strange notion of politeness.

I'm sure it's a universal phenomenon and not at all restricted to the US. But I can't come up with similar examples in Bangalore.

Except for one... for the past three weeks, people have constantly been asking me how preparations are going for the wedding and if I'm all set. Worse still, the same person will ask me the same question two days in a row, as if my 'preparations' change on a minute-to-minute basis.

Just like the conversations above, a lot of times it feels like people are just asking me to be polite. Especially given that I've been telling them that my mom is doing all the preparations. (An upside of having the wedding in India is that my parents and family are doing a lot of the preparations).

Actually I'm kind of nervous that I haven't had to do much. You know that dream where you show up in school and everyone's laughing and you look down to realize you forgot to wear your pants? I have that same feeling. Like I'm going to show up in Pune and realize that I forgot to do something really basic. :)

Anyways, I'm leaving for Delhi this Monday, after which I'll spend a week trekking in gorgeous Ladakh. From there I fly straight to Pune to tie the proverbial knot.


Anonymous said...

i had that same feeling!

Umang said...

Hehe... I detest PC (polite.conversation.)!

Ladakh sounds *awesome*. Be sure to take some photographs. And as long as you hold on to your shoes during your marriage, it's all okay! :-p

Masked Rider, The said...

As a polite reminder, don't forget to wear your pants.

Good luck with the wedding...