Monday, June 06, 2005

danger: darwin harmful

Darwin got an two honorable mentions here. The damn idiots. Now I'm ashamed at not having read all the books on that list.


Guido Bartolucci said...

Wow, so these conservatives think that Americans should drive cars that are unsafe (Unsafe at Any Speed by Ralph Nader), women should stay in the kitchen, chained to the stove, barefoot and pregnant (The Feminine Mystique, Betty Friedan and Second Sex by Simone de Beauvoir), and let's fuck the environment (Silent Spring by Rachel Carson).

Wow, these people continue to amaze and scare me.

Gunslinger said...

Come on, Bhanoo. I wouldn't feel too ashamed for not having read Mein Kampf. Or Mao's Little Red Book.

As to the previous comment in response to this post, I wouldn't interpret conservatives' opposition to ideas in these books as endorsement of the opposite ideas. It's easy to oversimplify and say that conservatives want "barefoot and pregnant" women. The reality is that conservatives oppose militant brands of feminism which attempt to define the work of a stay-at-home mom as less valuable than her career-minded friends'.