Monday, December 20, 2004

More food reviews.

I was told this weekend that Peco's (just off Brigade Rd.) is an absolute must-visit pub in Bangalore. I went there for lunch yesterday. It was pretty terrible. I'm sure that die-hard old-time Bangaloreans are going to be pissed at me; but I'm sorry, the place is terrible. It's dark and dingy, has bad circulation (probably not as big a deal if you smoke), and terrible service. The tacos were actually quite alright, though they weren't really tacos. I had a ginger sausage and it turned out to be cocktail sausages bathed in a spicy ginger sauce (ok, the sauce was actually quite tasty). We ordered some more tacos and nachos when some friends joined us, and 45 minutes later we had no food. Pretty annoying. I hear they're redecorating soon. I think it could be a chill place if they improved the ventilation, light, and service. We'll see.

Next stop was Koshy's (off St. Mark's Rd.). I had acutally eaten already so I didn't sample the food there. But the place was chill and well ventilated. I had a "Ginger Punch" (some sort of fruit juice with ginger) that was pungent but extremely tasty. Clearly I was in a state of ginger-lust.

After chilling at home for a few hours, we finished the night off with dinner at "Herbs and Spice" in Indiranagar (directions: go North on 100 ft. Road past the junction with CMH Rd. Take a left in the alley before Domino's, then take the first right and first left. It's on your left). This place is amazing. It's a tiny Italian restaurant with very cosy but minimal decor. There's a blackboard with 8 items on it that make up the menu for the evening. The ice-tea was super refreshing. The bread rolls were hot and delicious. We split a spinach and cumin soup which was very healthy tasting, and then had a simple pasta with marinara. The marinara tasted very fresh, with large chunks of tomato in it. There was just a little cheese - enough to add taste, not enough to give you a heart attack. I was told that the desserts there are phenomenal, but we were pretty pooped after a day of eating and decided not to indulge. Price was reasonable - under Rs. 500 for three people. I highly recommend.

I took some of my books out of their boxes. I'm slowly getting closer to decorating my apartment. Need to find a place to buy plants.

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Anonymous said...

come come now, the whole point of pecos is that you take your time their - and it's darkness/dinginess is exactly what endears it to those of us who might consider it a second home... and though service is often slow, the food is generally amazing - try the chicken curry dosa the next time you're there, or the beef chilli fry.