Thursday, December 16, 2004


I went out clubbing with some people from work yesterday.

Unfortunately, I got a flat tire on the way. The car jack was a little wierd and it took me longer than I'd like to figure out how to work it. Anyways.

The club (Spinn) was pretty fancy. I actually liked it a lot. When you walk in, there's a pretty large outdoor seating area where you can just chill. Inside, there's a large bar with a lounge type area next to it with plush sofas. In the back there's a dance floor. You can take the stairs up to a smaller dance floor that overlooks the main one. Once you're upstairs, you can also walk outside and chill under the stars (there's a see-through covering so you can still see the stars). It had something for every mood.

The music wasn't that great, though I'm not a big clubbing person so don't take my word for it. The crowd supposedly included a lot of who's who from Bangalore. The downside of that was that it seemed a little haughty. But that's what you get if you go to a swank club I guess.

PS: someone else posted a comment about Rs. 200 for a daily carwash being pretty expensive. To set the record straight, that was Rs. 200 for an entire month of carwashes. I say 'was' because that security guard took Rs. 100 from me "for new shampoo that he bought for my car" and then quit his job 3 days later. grr. Anyways, I now pay someone Rs. 350 a month to wash the car. And every Saturday I give him the keys and he cleans the inside too.

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Anonymous said...

oh, that "other" car wash comment was me again. Forgot to sign with my name. sorry!
Anyways, the cost per month is *much* better now that I know it's monthly. :)

Off to sunny Mauritius tomorrow. Happy holidays!