Tuesday, October 03, 2006

broadband by boeing

Wow. I'm on my way from Seoul to Seattle and have my laptop plugged into a power outlet under my seat and have broadband access (for free). I just tried skype-ing my wife's cellphone and was able to get a pretty damn clear connection, except that I'm guessing she heard a lot of white noise from the cabin noise.
That's pretty damn cool!
It's called Connexion By Boeing. Although it's free I was required to enter credit card information to use the service. Interestingly though, there were other payment options including what looked like tie-ups with telecom companies (maybe this gets tagged onto your monthly phone bill?)
I'm impressed.


Kireet said...

this means you were in business class right? lucky bastard. oracle flies us peons economy.

hemantbhanoo said...

1) Actually, no, I was in economy. Which was the supercool part.
2) It wasn't a business trip. Us peons fly economy as well though.