Friday, October 20, 2006

data modeling

attended a pretty good presentation that Pierre gave on data modeling. Some things I learnt:
  • since 3nf captures most business rules, each subsequent denormalization that you may do should be countered or linked directly to a piece of code that implements the business rule that was lost during the denorm process. It'd be supercool if there was a way to document that in the code/model somehow.
  • successful normalization requires that you understand your business, whereas successful denormalization requires that you understand the runtime nature of your service (reporting, metrics, partitioning, performance, etc).
  • it's easier to backfill into a simple, crisp model than into a "flexible" model that probably doesn't work anyways and may be full of incorect business rules. Resist the urge to put random opaque fields (or arbitrary key/value pairs) into your data model.

Having worked almost exclusively on framework-level code, I haven't had to do much modeling of business problems. So I learnt a lot.

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