Monday, October 30, 2006

pumpkin soup

I experimented with pumpkin soup yesterday. I think it turned out quite well - though you'll have to ask some of the taste testers for an honest opinion.

Basically I cooked a bunch (turns out that half a pumpkin serves way more than 6 people) of pumpkin in the pressure cooker along with some carrots. On the side, I sauteed onions and ginger.

Mashed the pumpkin, mixed it and the carrots with whipping cream, some milk, nutmeg, black pepper, and a tiny bit of cinnamon and cooked in a pot for a little longer.

Finally, put it through the blender and garnished it with some parsley.

I want to try adding some celery as well - I think that'll give it a nice bite.


Anonymous said...

hi nice recipe, maybe you want to enter it as a contest entry on Radiocity 91.1 FM, they have a 40 days to fitness program where they are calling for low-cal healthy recipes is where you need to send it. Also i read your post abt the rowing classes ages ago- am dying to know- how was it- do you still row- is it worth going for the class- can normally fit people join as well?- thanks a bunch Preeti

hemantbhanoo said...

Thanks for the tip.
Rowing was a *lot* of fun. Ulsoor lake early in the morning is actually quite pretty and the people taking classes were a fun bunch. Yes, 'normally fit' people can join as well. Make sure you stick with it for a month; once you overcome the initial learning curve, it's a lot of fun.