Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Conference, day 2

Day 2 started with... well.... I'm not sure exactly how it started because we had a 'breakfast meeting' (which involved devouring the leela breakfast buffet among other, less important, things).

I got there in time for a talk on Enterprise Middleware by Prof Joshi but it was mostly text-book stuff so my attention span didn't last through the entire presentation.

I got a chance to chat with Prof. Umesh Bellur before his talk on autonomous systems. It was, again, a very cursory introduction to the topic but held my attention because I've been very involved and passionate about the space for the past year or so.

I missed the next few talks (on security) because I was:
  1. taking a nap on the grass under a tree (I haven't done that in ages! IIT has a beautiful campus
  2. getting a demo of a distributed system simulation tool that Varsha Apte is building with some students

The final talk of the day was by Werner. You can read more about that here (although the link is for a Bangalore event, the abstract of the talk is the same).

And that was it. After being bombarded by questions about jobs and what we're working on, we took off for the airport with a slight detour at a roadside bhel-puri-wallah. I frikkin passed out on the plane.

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