Wednesday, March 02, 2005


I've been terrible about keeping this up-to-date. Why?
1) My parents were in town for a few weeks
2) I got (and am) super busy at work
3) I got a little depressed about b'lore.

#3 is an interesting one. I usually get a little down if I don't exercise in a long time. All it takes is a few days of going running to get my spirits up again. Well, the whole move and everything screwed up my schedule and I didn't realize that I hadn't been doing any exercise. So little things at work and in Bangalore got me depressed.

But we finally signed up for a tennis membership a few weeks ago. Since then we also started taking tennis lessons every morning from 9-10am. So my new schedule looks something like this:

7:00 : out of bed
7:30 : at work
8:45 : leave work
9:00 : tennis coaching
10:00 : gym
10:30 : shower
10:45 : breakfast (idli/sambar, kesri bhath, lassi, coffee all for about Rs. 50)
23:00 : go to bed.

I love it. The weather here is amazing. In the mornings and evenings there's a cool breeze. Around 9-10 when we play tennis, it's pretty hot and I hit the shower just drenched with sweat. I missed that a lot while living in north america.

I'm also glad to be taking tennis lessons 5 days a week though it leaves me pretty exhausted. After a few months we'll probably cut down to taking lessons only a few times a week so we'll have time left over to just play, or go running, or climbing, or something else. The tennis club (KSLTA) is bang in the middle of cubbon park (in the middle of bangalore) so it's convinient to go running or climbing.

More later.

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