Saturday, March 12, 2005

sing your heart out.

Yesterday we had a little company-party-thing and They wanted to turn it into a mini talent show so a couple of us brought guitars in and practiced for 10 minutes in the evening before singing on the roof of our office. A bunch of people sang. Birla did an awesome job getting the entire crowd to participate in his singing. Pretty amazing.

So anyways, fast forward three hours. 10pm and I was headed back home from my fiancee's place. It started raining really hard. Having lived in the colder parts of the US for a long time, I really miss warm rain and thunderstorms. I was just dying to get out of the car and run around in the rain. Rather than risk stopping in Bangalore traffic, I changed my route so that I'd go through Cubbon Park.

I found a convinient place to pull over and, wouldn't you know it, the rain had by then slowed to a drizzle. No matter; standing in the rain still felt awesome. Since I had my guitar in the car, I decided to put up the hatchback door and sit in the trunk (to prevent the guitar getting too wet) and strum and sing.

It was raining, somewhat dark (save the few streetlamps), and the only people around were the not-so-frequent caravans of cars taking a shortcut through the park. It was awesome. I just sang at the top of my voice for 30 minutes. I even had one dude stop his van and come listen to me for a few minutes and tell me how much he wanted to learn to play the guitar.

I just read about how potting plants has been the secret to someone's success. I don't have a particular, single hobby that gives me the plant-potting effect - I generally rejeuvinate either by learning to do new stuff or pursuing one of the many proverbial Trades that I am a Jack of - but I completely empathize with the sentiments.

I have never tried taking time off to pursue something different - maybe I'll try plant-potting soon...

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