Monday, March 14, 2005

Quality Of Life

This is a rank of countries by the Human Development Index, compiled by the UNDP.

1 Norway
2 Iceland
3 Sweden
4 Australia
5 Netherlands
6 Belgium
United States
. ...
25 Honk Kong
26 Barbados
27 Singapore

Does anyone else see a correlation between how frikkin cold a country is and its HDI ranking? Why is it that you have to skip all the way down to like 25 before the weather gets consistently warm. Or is Hong Kong 25 because the weather is consistently warm?
If you click around on the UNDP site you should be able to find some descriptions of the index. It looks like it weighs factors like Life Expectancy, Literacy, Gross enrollment in primary/secondary/tertiary schools, and GDP per captita.

What is it about hot places that puts them low on the list? Even Australia gets kinda cold. Why aren't any tropical islands chilling (metaphorically speaking) in the top 10?

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