Tuesday, March 08, 2005


This particular entry is about 5 months late. Before leaving Seattle, some of my buddies chipped in to buy me a yuppie accessory to my yuppie iMac; an iPod. I wasn't completely sure how much I'd use it, even though I really wanted one.

I must say that the iPod kicks butt. I pretty much don't go anywhere without it. As soon as I sit in the car, I hook it up to my car stereo (nothing fancy, just through a microphone-like input jack that my casette deck has). When I get to work, I'm listening to it. When I get home, I hook it up to my home stereo.

I've been going through and rating my songs. I have an 'unrated' list which is reverse sorted by the last time I heard a song (least recently). Whenever I listen to one of those, it either gets:
- 1 star: delete next time I sync with my mac
- 2 star: hate it but keeping it for various reasons (such as: fiancee likes song)
- 3 star: undecided
- 4/5 star: I want to listen to this when I want instant gratification from good music.

So when I'm particularly frustrated with traffic in Bangalore or work, I switch to the top rated list. The rest of the time I go through the process of rating my music.

It has definitely added to my standard of living; another humungous (and somewhat delayed) thank you to all my buddies for the wonderful gift. Now if anyone wants to send me some new music... :)

(BTW - is there a way to share iTunes song ratings and/or find new music based on those ratings?)


Ro said...

bhanoo...i love my ipod as well, i listen to it anywhere i can....until of course the battery dies down!!! but seriously, i use it also as a storage mechanism. 20 gigs, the largest hard drive i own. Yea, that's right, i'm HARDCORE!!! Plus, the ipod is just SO SEXY!!

Anonymous said...

ipod truely rocks! It would be gr8 to share ratings .... just like in netflix ...